Volume - 1 (E-Book)

MRP - Rs 75/-

We live in a world of brands. We are surrounded by them. They play an important role by helping consumers in the selection of products.

But, how much do we actually know about the brands around us?

We at Game of Brands decided to launch this quiz book as we believe solving quizzes is a fun way to learn and increase your general knowledge.

The book has 125 questions (with solutions) on brands from various sectors like FMCG, Apparel, Automobile, Tech, Pharma, Banking & Finance and Restaurants.



The game of brands quiz book vol 1 is simply amazing. Being an enthusiast about brands and companies, I found it really interesting and useful for a very affordable price.

Computer Science Student

Purchased this book and got to admit that it’s one of the most interesting books to read. The book is totally worth more than it’s price and the information is priceless.

Srishti Sharma
CA Final Student working at MGC Global

I am a big fan of The Game of Brands and when they came up with this quiz book, without giving a second thought, I purchased it. As expected, it didn’t disappoint me. Especially, I liked how they have divided the quiz book into different sections with respect to industries and the answers are also explained so nicely and in detail. Thanks a lot for this!

Meet Shah
Student MBA marketing

The book is awesome! The information and the way it is presented is fabulous! Really loved the content. Waiting for Volume 2 of this book.

Bhavit Shah
Developer at TCS

It is one of the greatest knowledgeable books I have ever read in my whole life!

Shubh Kalra
Student, CA Aspirant

The book was a perfect guide for my TATA Crucible preparation! The book has a very nice way of making you learn by first asking you a question and then explaining about the answer in detail. It’s a very helpful book if you are preparing for a Business Quiz!

Sumukha Srivatsa
Engineering Student

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As human beings we are born to be curious. We are wired to search for knowledge and ideas which help us to understand the world around us.

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